About Us

SirehEmas is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of scientifically proven herbs into innovative personal care products. Founded in 2002 inspired by the herbal properties of Malaysia native plants to remedy skin conditions and today we have about 60 products developed and manufactured for our own brand and contract manufacturing basis includes feminine hygiene, shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, handwash, facial cleanser, facial toner, facial cream, facial serum, facial mask, facial scrub and others.

Our Philosophy is structured around the fundamental notion that all herbals active ingredients using innovative technologies backed by science will maximize the incredible bioactive power of Malaysia’s native plants with their nourishing, purifying and healing skin benefits and contribute towards the efficacy and quality of our products. We believed the products that are carefully formulated made from only the purest herbal ingredients with no harsh or harmful chemicals, pesticides or synthetics will protect health and wellbeing the people around the world.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT with cooperation with agencies such as SIRIM Berhad, FAMA, and MARDI are continuously involed in researching and developing herbal products that take advantage of natural biological processes. We conduct natural product research for bodycare and skincare range. Our services include extraction, standardisation, profiling, identification of actives, biological activities studies, invitro and invivo product efficacy studies, product formulation and active ingredients delivery technology.

Our chemists utilize a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to conduct research. Information sharing on Raw Material Technical Data, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Clinical Data is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories. We also utilize online references, academic references, and clinical sources.

Our lab gathers detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness, in order to improve and expand our product lines and formulations. All development processes undergo systematic testing of various actives and ingredient interaction.

With a focus in intimate hygiene care products, our research and development laboratories have developed some of the most effective, high quality and powerful herbal base product line for the ultimate intimate feminine hygiene in the market specifically formulated to meet every needs of today’s women.

SirehEmas MANUFACTURING FACILITIES located in Shah Alam, Selangor with 30 local manufacturing staff. We are GMP, ISO 9001 and QE (formally known as 5s) compliant, manufacturing facility, using cutting edge technological equipment to produce the latest in skin, body and specialty hair care products.

Our receiving process uses an organized inspection procedure for all inbound items. Whether it is raw materials, samples, or packaging, everything is processed and organized through our receiving system. This ensures that we register and manage all items delivered to us and ensure easy distribution and stringent receiving protocols, preventing damage and loss.

Our factory also provides the highest quality OEM manufacturing services available, complete with bulk manufacturing, filling, decorating, packing and shipping, and storage functionality. Our on-site laboratory allows us to create innovative formulations, as well as observe the highest quality control and product testing standards.