What is UESE?

Usahawan Eksklusif Sireh Emas or UESE is a new exclusive entrepreneurship programme run by Sireh Emas Marketing (SE) meant to develop entrepreneurial abilities among the people by marketing and focusing on new products developed by SirehEmas .

What are the objectives of this programme?

To train and develop a person as an entrepreneur through structural training. Equip a person with required skills and knowledge needed for starting and running the enterprise thus, boost your monthly household income. Promote the health and weelbeing of people around the world by providing a healthy, herbals ingredients with no harsh and harmful family care products.

How much capital cost i need to become UESE and how much start-up fees do I need?

Just RM1,500 gets you started and makes you an UESE official and sales representative of Sireh Emas Marketing. You'll be directed to the representative centre. Your welcome kit (products) will be mailed to you. You'll also be contacted by our representative leader to welcome you, answer every question and guide you as you start up your business.

How does UESE benefit me?

  1. All our products are in compliance with current GMP, ISO and HALAL.
  2. Family care products that are carefully formulated with no harsh and harmful chemicals and worth your money.
  3. Low capital cost with a 30% - 40% profit margin.
  4. Low-risk investments with unlimited succes and rewards.
  5. SirehEmas branch and products are continuously integrated into all advertising and marketing channels which includes entities such as websites, television, radio networks, billboards and more.
  6. Reach, connect and engage your customer on all social meida channels through website and mobile applications.
  7. Mentorship and training assistance are provided.

If I need further information about UESE or need any assistance, how do I go about it?

You can either contact us email at [email protected], phone 03 - 7842 2558 or 018 - 3196656.

How do I get place orders and get paid?

Place your order directly our official website after you have registered and logged in. Products will be sent directly to you to then deliver to your customers. Simply collect payment with your customer order when selling face-to-face / direct selling.

What payment types do you take?

You can pay for purchases using Online Banking, Manual Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery (COD).

What is the difference between normal stockists and UESE?

All new products produced by Sireh Emas Marketing are exclusively limited and accessible to our UESE only while stockists are limited to only the preceding products.

How much can I make through this programme?

You can earn up to 30% - 40% profit margin per capital cost. Your earnings match your efforts and your passion. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your sales.

Do UESE get access to all products produced by Sireh Emas Marketing?

Our new products are strictly marketed under UESE. UESE will have access to the products with a minimum of RM700 for each transactions.

How do I make sure all the products are certified and complies with health standard?

Every product that bears Sireh Emas Marketing mark is listed and certified by KKM, HALAL and SIRIM. You can contact our representative either via email and/or phone for futher details.

What happens after I sign up? Would Sireh Emas Marketing provides a training programme?

Yes. The tools and training programmes are availableto a new UESE help get you off to a great start and it's FREE! UESE would be able to understand in detail how each products works, what business value it offers and the reasons it appeals to customers. This will help UESE craft their sales pitch effectively and ensure they highligt each product's features.

Do I need to have my own store?

No. It's all about direct with your customers or selling online through social media. There are tons of opportunities to promote your business through Facebook, Instagram, WhaatsApp and more. You can grow your client base your smart phone to make money anytime, anywhere! You can be your own boss, and work from home. You can work independently, or with a team.

Who can apply?

Malaysian Bumiputera and at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application.

Application procedure. How do I get started?

To apply for the UESE programme, do follow the steps below :

  1. Visit  website UESE and click on the new registration, register and fill up the application form.
  2. Click submit once you have completed the process.
  3. A notifications email will be sent to confirm the application.
  4. Any requires can be emailed to [email protected]